Feng Shui – A path guiding towards harmony!


Originated from Asian countries thousands of years back, Feng Shui is an ancient belief that energy is scattered everywhere and also all the energies are connected. Picking up on this belief, the practice of feng shui was implemented while building homes. Reason – to create a calm and balanced environment in the house.

Initially, feng shui doesn’t seem like to be effective for anybody. But once you understand how it creates a path towards guiding the energies to build a harmonious life, you will not be able to help yourself in imparting feng shui in every aspect of your dwelling.

Here a few feng shui tips to help you start with.

  • If you haven’t been feeling at ease in your bedroom, maybe it is the bed that causes the discomfort. You should able to view the door from your bed, but never place it directly opposite to the door. Maybe you can try keeping it perpendicular to the wall of the door. Also, decorate the room with equal sized night stands or lamps.
  • Never place your desk against the wall with a window. You may think that it will give a good view of the surroundings, but for better focus on your work set your desk from where you can view the whole room.
  • Include all 5 elements in your interior theme. Decorate in a way that each room will remind you of water, fire, wood, earth, and metal. You can substitute things that evoke the same feelings instead of using actual elements.
  • Now that you have included the 5 elements in the house, the next thing to consider is their location. Place them in a strategic manner to improve your luck. For example, a water feature near your home’s entrance signifies good financial health.
  • Avoid having darkness in the corners of the house as they bring danger. So place items like plants, accent chairs, bookshelves, or other furniture to soften them up.

5 Reasons you should own a green home


Mumbai is witnessing a lot of green homes off lately since the state has made it easier for such projects to get clearance permits. However, many people still believe that green homes cost you a lot of money which is totally not true. No longer it is just a lifestyle statement for those who worry about carbon footprints.

Owning an eco-friendly is synonymous with caring about the environment. It means people not only care about their health or money, but they also give a considerable thought about the community and the nature. Green homes are better for the planet.

So we bring you 5 reasons that living in a green home is beneficial for you.

Lower energy bills

Turning your house into a green place means better insulation, tightening up the duct-work, sealing the doors and windows properly, elevating the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, sustainable lighting and electrical appliances. When you follow these norms, your energy bills are bound to go down drastically.

Lower water consumption

When you tighten the taps and faucets properly, fit low water consuming shower heads, set up dual flush toilets, solar system to reuse the rainy water, efficient irrigation systems, you assist with water saving methods. This is necessary as there are many areas in our countries suffering from drought like situations. Green homes let us lend a hand in limiting water wastage.

Indoor air quality

Paints, adhesives and wall finishes are put to limited use in eco-friendly dwellings. Also the volatile organic compound which causes respiratory troubles in the materials is low. Using such materials invites fresh air in the house. It also means mold prevention, non-toxic pest control and non-toxic household cleaners. Finally giving you and your family a healthy indoor air quality.

More sustainable and durable

Since the quality of products used to build a green home is of high quality. In comparison to other products, these ones last longer and are more durable. It also has another benefit. In future, you won’t need to undergo various maintenance and replacement costs. Thus making it a pocket friendly deal.

Increased value of the house

Research shows that the value of a green home increases considerably by 3 to 5% compared to non-green apartments. All the furnishings and fittings you installed to make your place an eco-friendly zone will elevate its rate in the real estate market instantly thus giving you favourable rewards in the future.